How a suicide affects others

Like a stone dropped into a lake, a suicide has a ripple effect, impacting not only immediate family members but also extended family, former partners, friends, work colleagues, clients and customers, and even people who did not know the person.   

How people react to, and cope with, a suicide can vary, depending on your relationship to the person who died. Their way of grieving may be very different to yours and can lead to tension and stress, particularly among families, and make it hard to express your feelings. 

LOSS meetings provide a safe and confidential space where anyone impacted by suicide can express their grief without having to worry about how others might react. If you are not comfortable with a meeting environment, you can talk privately one-on-one with a LOSS member either by phone or in person.

U.K.-based support group SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) offers a helpful guide to how suicide bereavement affects others. Follow the links below to find out more: